Top 20 of the Week w.Gabe LeBlanc – Week of June 17th 20. Bad VibesK.Flay 19. Eagle BirdsThe Black Keys 18. Bad To WorseRa Ra Riot 17. GloriaThe Lumineers 16. Lo/HiThe Black Keys 15. Pirate Punk PoliticianPerry Farrell 14. Stairway to HeavenMastodon 13. Light OnSublime with Rome 12. Brand New DayPepper 11. ParentsYUNGBLUD 10. This Baby Don't CryK.Flay 9. Thrash Metal CassetteDinosaur Pile-Up 8. LongshotCatfish and the Bottlemen 7. High HopesPanic! At The Disco 6. HurtOliver

Top 20 of the Week w/Gabe LeBlanc – Week of April 29th RankSpinsArtistTitle115The CranberriesThe Pressure215The Get Up KidsSatellite314Bad ReligionMy Sanity413The HeavyHeavy For You513HembreeCulture613Rag'n'Bone Man & Calvin HarrisGiant712IDERBrown Sugar812Rob ThomasI Love It910American FootballUncomfortably Numb (feat. Hayley Williams)1010Tame ImpalaPatience1110Albert Hammond JrFast Times129Vampire WeekendSunflower ft. Steve Lacy139ClaudIf I Were You148New Found GloryEye Of The Tiger158Judah & the LionWhy Did You Run168Silversun PickupsIt Doesn't Matter Why178DREAMERSDie

Top 20 of the Week w/Gabe LeBlanc – Week of April 22nd RankSpinsArtistTitle114Bad ReligionMy Sanity213HembreeCulture312The Get Up KidsSatellite411The HeavyHeavy For You510IDERBrown Sugar610The CranberriesThe Pressure710Rag'n'Bone Man & Calvin HarrisGiant810American FootballUncomfortably Numb (feat. Hayley Williams)99Rob ThomasI Love It109Perry FarrellPirate Punk Politician119Tame ImpalaPatience129Albert Hammond JrFast Times139Band Of SkullsCool Your Battles148The CranberriesAll Over Now158Set It OffLonely Dance168Cage The ElephantHouse Of Glass177Plain White T'sLow187Set It OffLonely Dance

Top 20 of the Week w/Gabe LeBlanc – Week of April 15th RankSpinsArtistTitle118HembreeCulture214Bad ReligionMy Sanity313The HeavyHeavy For You413The Get Up KidsSatellite512Rag'n'Bone Man & Calvin HarrisGiant612IDERBrown Sugar712Cage The ElephantHouse Of Glass812The CranberriesAll Over Now911American FootballUncomfortably Numb (feat. Hayley Williams)1010GRiZA New Day (ft. Matisyahu)1110Set It OffLonely Dance128Band Of SkullsCool Your Battles138Tame ImpalaPatience148Albert Hammond JrFast Times157The KooksPamela167Dear RougeModern Shakedown177Local NativesWhen Am I Gonna Lose You187Plain

Top 20 of the Week w/Gabe LeBlanc – Week of April 1st RankSpinsArtistTitle115Bad ReligionMy Sanity214Rag'n'Bone Man & Calvin HarrisGiant314IDERBrown Sugar412KongosPay For The Weekend512Jeremy LoopsMy People (With James Hersey)611The HeavyHeavy For You711The CranberriesAll Over Now811Set It OffLonely Dance911American FootballUncomfortably Numb (feat. Hayley Williams)1010Rex Orange CountyNew House118Billie Eilishbury a friend128K.FlayBad Vibes138FRENSHIPWanted A Name (feat. Yoke Lore)148The Get Up KidsSatellite158Marshmello ft. CHVRCHESHere With Me167Plain White

Top 20 of the Week w/Gabe LeBlanc – Week of March 18th RankSpinsArtistTitle117Dan ManganLosing My Religion (REM Cover)216Billie Eilishbury a friend315FRENSHIPWanted A Name (feat. Yoke Lore)414The HeavyHeavy For You514Jeremy LoopsMy People (With James Hersey)613KongosPay For The Weekend712Set It OffLonely Dance812The CranberriesAll Over Now911American FootballUncomfortably Numb (feat. Hayley Williams)1010flora cashThey Own This Town1110MISSIORad Drugz129Bad ReligionMy Sanity139IDERBrown Sugar148Parker BossleyLifted158Rex Orange CountyNew House168AtreyuThe Time Is

Top 20 of the Week w/Gabe LeBlanc – Week of February 18th RankSpinsArtistTitle#116MISSIORad Drugz#214KerliSavages#314The CranberriesAll Over Now#413White LiesBelieve It#513Set It OffLonely Dance#613HozierAlmost (Sweet Music)#712Call Me KarizmaMonster (Under My Bed)#812Cage The ElephantReady To Let Go#911GhostDance Macabre#1010ZebraheadAll My Friends Are Nobodies#1110HalseyWithout Me (ft. Juice WRLD)#129Vampire WeekendHarmony Hall#139AJR100 Bad Days#149Florence + The MachineModeration#159Jeremy LoopsMy People (With James Hersey)#168The Moth & The FlameThe New Great Depression#178The

Top 20 of the Week w/Gabe LeBlanc RankSpinsArtistTitle#114MISSIORad Drugz#213White LiesBelieve It#312Set It OffLonely Dance#412KerliSavages#511GhostDance Macabre610The Moth & The FlameThe New Great Depression#710GusterLook Alive#810FIDLARCan't You See#99ZebraheadAll My Friends Are Nobodies#109The CranberriesAll Over Now#118HozierAlmost (Sweet Music)#128IDERMirror#138SwitchfootNATIVE TONGUE#147Call Me KarizmaMonster (Under My Bed)#157Black Pistol FireLevel#167Papa RoachWho Do You Trust?#177Reverend Horton HeatHog Tyin' Woman#187FOALSExits#197HalseyWithout Me (ft. Juice WRLD)#207The RegrettesDon't Stop Me

Top 20 of the Week w/Gabe LeBlanc – Week of February 4th RankSpinsArtistTitle117KerliSavages217White LiesBelieve It316The Moth & The FlameThe New Great Depression414GhostDance Macabre514Set It OffLonely Dance614FIDLARCan't You See714SwitchfootNATIVE TONGUE813The Moth & The FlameBeautiful Couch913GusterLook Alive1010MISSIORad Drugz1110American AuthorsNeighborhood ft. Bear Rinehart of NEEDTOBREATHE129RadioheadIll Wind139Papa RoachNot The Only One149Imagine DragonsZero159Blue OctoberDaylight169HozierAlmost (Sweet Music)179MØBlur feat. Foster The People189Jeremy LoopsMy People (With James Hersey)198Picture ThisOne Drink208P.O.D.Listening