4-1-1 Music News Minute(s) w.Todd Michaels – Week of August 5th

Björk has released a new video for “losss” from her excellent 2017 album Utopia.  It was originally created for Björk’s new stage show Cornucopia, which the Icelandic star is taking on the road. Björk called her Cornucopia show—which features costumes, immersive sound, video projections, and a 50-person Icelandic choir—a “sci-fi

Alt360 Radio’s Top 20 – Week of April 30th

Here Are the Top 20 Songs Played on Alt360 Radio This Week: Rank Spins Artist Title #1 17 Vinyl Theatre Feel It All #2 16 Kimbra Top of the World #3 15 Owl City All My Friends #4 14 Robert DeLong Favorite Color Is Blue ft. K-Flay #5 14 Echosmith Over My Head #6 13 White Reaper Little Silver Cross #7 13 The Coronas We Couldn't Fake It #8 12 Dorothy Flawless #9 11 L7 I Came Back to Bitch #10 8 Florence + The Machine Sky Full Of Song #11 8 Middle

‘Chasing Yesterday’ Brilliant Today!

Noel Gallagher’s new album is, as he often describes his own music, 'F*$%@#! Brilliant!' https://youtu.be/_3WD81ODDc8?list=PLEhV4fzmoaG6QS2sxkOc4chd-vCtS3IT3 The less­ crazy Gallagher has done it again.   After brother Liam’s band Beady Eye broke up, Noel Gallagher stated that he was sad to hear the news. This was surprising for an older brother who won’t even speak to his younger counterpart.