Sinead O’Connor Posts Tearful Video About Being Mentally Ill

Sinead O’Connor says she’s suicidal and living in a New Jersey Travelodge motel in a 12-minute video posted on her Facebook account this weekend. The singer broke into tears throughout the video while expressing that she posted the video to let people know what it’s like living with mental illness. O’Connor  has been very vocal about her mental health issues in the past. She canceled her 2015 Summer tour due to “exhaustion due to an existing not resolved medical situation.” After failing to return home from a bike ride in May 2016, she was reported missing, only to be found in a hotel by Chicago suburban police. She also publicly cut ties with her family in Nov. 2015 after she shared news that she had suffered an overdose in a Dublin hotel room.On Monday night, a post on O’Connor’s Facebook page from someone who claimed to be writing on her behalf said O’Connor is safe and not suicidal.