2 Thoughts on Taylor’s Letter to Apple

Last weekend, Taylor Swift went to social media to announce she would withhold her frighteningly popular album, 1989, from the new Apple streaming service as artists were not planned to be compensated during the company’s free 3-month trial period.  Within hours, the tech giants folded, agreeing to pay artists during

Album Review: Alabama Shakes

It feels like there aren’t many bands playing guitar these days.  I know this is any easy, trite complaint from an aging rocker like myself, but it does seem to be true in a day and age where Perry’s EDM monstrosity is the place to be at Lollapalooza, for example. 

Sia Announces New Album

Less than one year since the release of her 5th studio album, '1000 years of Fear', Sia has already announced that she is finished with her 6th studio album titled 'This Is Acting.' Following in the footsteps of Taylor Swift, Sia states that her next album will more pop than what

Ariel Pink Breaks Down ‘Pop’

Ariel Pink might not be known as a "pop star"...yet. However, his style of "Alternative" music that he’s been making for more than a decade now, has many people listening. But he’s always had an obsession with melody and hooks, even if it comes out at a more crooked angle