Billy Corgan vs Kanye West…Kinda?

In news that just won't go away, 90's alterna-weirdo Billy Corgan said in an interview last week that he'd punch Kanye West if he rushed the stage while accepting an award. Also, The Smashing Pumpkins front man has contradicted him self stating that Rock bands need to be more aggressive to "beat

Kanye’s SNL 40 Performance: Yay or Nay?

So as we all know, the 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Live was this past weekend. Regardless if you watched it or not, Kanye West concluded the show with a performance featuring Sia and Vic Mensa. As much as I love Kanye, AKA Yeezy (and trust me, I love Kanye) I wasn’t a

Sia Announces New Album

Less than one year since the release of her 5th studio album, '1000 years of Fear', Sia has already announced that she is finished with her 6th studio album titled 'This Is Acting.' Following in the footsteps of Taylor Swift, Sia states that her next album will more pop than what