Jean-Paul2:15:23pmHello! Bonjour!
Alt360 Radio7:05:37amBonjour Jean-Paul!
jERRY9:01:53pmGO 90'S BILL!
jERRY9:06:29pmnearly lost you!
DeCypherz11:11:24pmWhat was the track before sheryl Crow?
DeCypherz11:11:47pmcortana does not work anymore
Alt360 Radio7:07:43amSorry we missed your message..We are planning to bring back "previously played"
Christie9:33:26pmLove the show
Alt360Radio9:48:00pmThanks, Christie!
Janis6:27:27pmFinally getting to tune in
David M1:12:25amGreetings for Venezuela
Alt360 Radio6:36:27amHello to Janis and David M!
Letty1:35:12amawesome radio,greets from a switzerland user
Letty1:44:44ami love this radio
Alt360 Radio3:10:26pmHi Letty! Thanks for tuning in!
Alt360 Radio3:10:50pmAnd greetings from the US. We love our international listeners
Letty 10:44:30pmthx you have rewally nice music.go ahead
Letty 10:44:43pmreally*
Alt360 Radio6:40:19pmSpread the love! Where do you normally listen? At work? Home? In the car?
Letty2:54:14pmat home,at work isnt possibel maybe some day ^^
Alt3605:57:21pmOk. Let us talk to your boss
Letty7:07:38pmdo that xD but its a 4 star hotel lol doesnt think it will be possibel
Alt3606:25:32pmYou should pipe it into the sound system
Letty12:11:52amhaha they doesnt allowed them ,but maybe i can do them 1 time xD
Letty12:19:01amyaaaaaayyyy music on my b day lol
Letty12:35:59amyou can please play a song of
amon amarth or vnv nation
Alt3605:57:08pmLet us look into them. They current;y are not in our library
Letty2:16:30amok thx^^
90's Bill6:00:39pmFeel free to request some bands you would like me to feature on 2 for Tuesday!
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