About Us


How can I tune-in?
You can visit our Tune-in Radio page which has all of our listening options, including links for iTunes, Windows Media or your favorite MP3 player.  You can also download our mobile apps to listen on the go?
I love the music you play, can I download it?
Most of the music we play can be purchased and downloaded on iTunes or Amazon.   We do not allow or promote downloads from our streams and hope you will support the artist we play. Some tracks are harder to find, please feel free to reach out to our staff and we’ll help you locate the tracks you love.
I love this station, how do I support you?
Well first, Thank you.  Next, re-tweet our Tweets, “Share” our shows on Facebook and Instagram. We’re all over the internet so keep us in-site of others!
Which audio formats and bitrates do you stream?
We stream at high quality MP3 and AAC+ streams.
Where are you located?
We are located and broadcast live from Chicago.  Our studio and streaming servers are all located in the Chicago area.
Are you a live station?
Yes, Alt360 Radio streams lives, 24/7 from our studio and broadcast servers just like a FM station.
I’m having a problem, who can I contact?
We’ll be happy to help, please feel free to open a support ticket by clicking the above black button.
I would like to submit a song, where can I do
If you’re a band or label and would like to submit a song for consideration please e-mail us at alternative@alt360radio.com
How do I contact one of your staff members?
Simply email us at alternative@alt360radio.com and we will forward your e-mail to the appropriate staff member.